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Seated Hip Openers (Video)

A lot of us have tight hips, especially during pregnancy. Today, we are here to share with you a few poses to help loosen the hips, open the pelvis, and stretch the leg muscles.

Begin seated in bada konasana.  As you inhale, slowly lift the knees, and as you exhale lower them back toward the floor. Repeat several times.

Extend the feet forward, making a diamond shape.  Walk the hands forward and on an exhale gently fold.  Never force. Inhale and slowly roll up.

Draw one foot toward the sits bones and extend the other out to the side, flexing the foot.  Root both sits bones evenly into the floor.  Inhale lengthen through the spine, exhale walk the fingers toward the ankle.  Inhale extend the other hand toward the sky.  Lengthen through both sides of the torso, rather than collapsing on the side closer to the floor.  Inhale, lower the extended arm and come back to seated.

Bend your extended leg, take hold of the outside of the foot.  Circle the foot as you roll on top of the muscles around the sits bones, giving them a massage.  Inhale sitting tall, place the extended foot on top of the opposite knee.  Make sure to keep the foot flexed.  If you feel enough sensation, stay right here.  If you would like more of a stretch, walk the fingertips forward, lengthening the lower back rather than rounding.  Make sure you are breathing.  Inhale and slowly come out of the pose.

Repeat on the other side.

Enjoy an open pelvis, and a lift in mood.

Check out last week’s post for standing hip openers!

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