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Standing Hip Openers (Video)

Welcome back to Yoga with Music City Doulas! This week, we are sharing standing hip openers.

  1. Begin in a wide stance on your mat.  Rotate the right foot to face the top of your mat, bend the right knee and lift the arms into Virabhadrasana II.

  2. Inhale the right arm up to the sky, exhale draw the elbow toward the knee into Utthita Parsvokonasana.  On an exhale lower the left hand toward the floor and bend the left knee in Scandasana, lifting the inner thighs.  Keep the spine long.

  3. Exhale and straighten both legs into Prasarita Padottanasana.

  4. Open the right foot to face the top of the mat, draw the right hand to the shin as you inhale the left hand to the sky, Utthita Trikonasana.  Your gaze can be upward or toward your big toe.

  5. Inhale to standing.  Rotate the feet to repeat on the other side.

Check back next week for Part II: Seated Hip Openers


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