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The Safest Way To Eat Your Placenta

If the concept is completely new to you, know that it isn’t for human beings, or mammals in general. Consuming the placenta has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine since the 16th century, suggested not only for mothers, but for a variety of individuals. In addition to TCM, many cultures around the world have histories with traditions involving ingestion of the placenta.

Recently more and more mothers in the United States are trying placenta encapsulation. Think about it- is it really that surprising? It is hard being a new mom, and many of us are willing to try all kinds of things when we hear from other parents that they’ve helped.

The anecdotal benefits touted by our clients and many people before them include faster recovery after childbirth, elevation in mood, increased energy levels, increased levels of breast milk production, and swifter hormone balance. Many mothers have sworn by this practice making all the difference in their postpartum experience. Though we have very limited scientific study to explain what’s behind the reports at this time, the anecdotal evidence goes back long enough to make the skeptical curious.

Our top priority is our clients’ wellbeing. You want your placenta encapsulated? We’ve got you covered, but only under the most elevated standards of cleanliness, safety, and transparency.

When you hire our postpartum placenta specialists, you will receive a transportation kit in the mail that is compliant with the World Health Organization guidelines. You will have all you need to safely transport your placenta to your home, and properly store it until it is encapsulated. Our postpartum placenta specialists will promptly come to your house to start the process. This is the safest way to have your placenta encapsulated. You know for sure that the capsules you get at the end of the service do in fact contain your placenta, and you are allowed to witness your specialist at work. There is no doubt that everything is handled with the utmost respect and care, and afterwards your kitchen is left sparkling clean.

All of our placenta specialists are additionally postpartum doulas, and are there to talk with you about your birth experience, how you are feeling about feeding, sleeping, diapering, and any of your potential questions. If you are the curious and adventurous type, they can explain the process to you and educate you about the geography of the placenta. They are also incredibly discreet if you don’t want to know a thing!

We are very proud that all of our postpartum placenta specialists are trained through a hands-on placenta training and are compliant with OSHA blood borne pathogen standards. Rest assured your placenta will be handled not only under the highest safety standards, but with great regard and respect for the role it has played in supporting your beautiful baby in pregnancy!

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