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Wait, Did You Just Say ‘Eat My Placenta’?

As more and more celebrities have their placentas encapsulated after birth for their consumption, this practice is growing in popularity and acceptance. Celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Tia and Tamera Mowry, and Mayim Bialik have made placentophagy more well known amongst the masses. But what is the big deal?

A Brief History:

For over 1400 years, the placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and into the 19th century, women traded their placentas with pharmacies in China, where they were then used to create remedies for strengthening the kidneys and immune system as well as to treat infertility, asthma, liver problems, arthritis, and more. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta is considered to be a powerful and sacred medicine full of chi, the life force. Midwives practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, advised women to use the placenta during their postpartum time to aid in recovery from childbirth, prevent postpartum depression, and minimize bleeding. The Chinese would boil the placenta in water and use the placenta and the broth for various remedies, most commonly as a soup. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the steaming of the placenta is meant to enrich the placenta with energy.

Modern Placentophagy:

For most people today, the thought of making a soup out of their placenta sounds far-fetched or maybe even gross. Now, it is more common practice to have a professional Postpartum Placenta Specialist come to your home and prepare your placenta to be steamed, dehydrated, ground into a powder, and put into capsules to be consumed just like any other vitamin. We also provide the optional add-on service of a placenta tincture, which is made with placenta powder and high quality vodka. This is a great option for those who wish to experience the benefits of their placenta more long term. Since the tincture has a lifetime shelf life and only a few drops of it are used at a time, this allows it to be taken for many years down the road when moms need a boost, for their first postpartum menstrual cycle, and even for menopause!

Potential Benefits:

You may be wondering why you might want to take your placenta as a pill. Quite simply, most land mammals in the world consume their placentas after birth. Some of the reported results that women have experienced by consuming their placenta include:

  1. Increased energy

  2. Improved breastmilk supply

  3. Balance and stabilization of the hormones

  4. Improved mood

Currently, there are not enough scientific studies to back these claims, but the anecdotal evidence we have personally heard from clients we have served has been nothing short of amazing! So amazing, in fact, that they are booking our services again as repeat clients with subsequent pregnancies.

Music City Doulas’ Placenta Standards:

At Music City Doulas, we have the largest number of professional Postpartum Placenta Specialists under one roof, which means we are able to accommodate you quickly and easily. We also have the first certified Postpartum Placenta Specialist in the entire state of Tennessee! All of our specialists are also certified through OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and trained in a hands-on workshop with the strictest and highest safety standards in the industry, ensuring that your placenta is in the right hands. You can read more about this on The Safest Way To Eat Your Placenta.

Because we believe in continuity of care, all of our Postpartum Placenta Specialists are also trained as Postpartum Doulas. This means that you have a postpartum care, baby care, and baby feeding expert right there in your home for you to ask questions and get referrals from.

The Process:

From the time that you sign a contract with Music City Doulas, we go on call for your birth and are ready to serve you. We provide you with a cooler and a transport kit for you to pop in your car with your hospital bag so you don’t have to worry about buying anything or remembering to pack anything. You take it with you to your preferred birthing location and when your baby is born, the nurse will put the placenta into a container and bring you some ice for the cooler. The transport kit has all the instructions for proper storage and transport using the organ transport standards put in place by the World Health Organization.

Once you have had some time to bond as a new family, give us a call or shoot us a text. We will congratulate you and arrange for a time for your specialist to meet you at your home for processing. Your Postpartum Placenta Specialist brings all the equipment needed to process your placenta and thoroughly cleans your kitchen both before and after processing your placenta. All she needs from you is a small amount of counter space and access to the sink and stove. You can be as involved in the process as you feel comfortable. Sometimes that means watching the entire process and having your specialist give you the tour of your placenta and sometimes that means pretending there isn’t an organ in your kitchen and hanging out in the other room getting in those sweet baby snuggles!

Your specialist can be very discreet, if desired, and the placenta is only out for a few minutes of the two-hour processing time on day one, which includes steaming and slicing the placenta for dehydration. On day two, the fully dehydrated placenta is ground into a powder and put into vegetarian capsules. When she has finished, you are left with a spotlessly clean kitchen, a beautiful glass jar of pills, and suggested usage instructions.

So, what do you think? Would you try it knowing what you know now?

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